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We help you achieve your business objectives and build for the future with modern change management solutions.

Getting Your Organization Change-Ready Is Our Mission


Here’s how we quickly help you scale change with business change solutions.


To become a change-ready organization, you need to invest in the people leading & managing change.

Change is everyone’s job. Investment in your people matters.


Achieving your business objectives requires a unique change strategy & roadmap towards success.

We bring the tools, experience, and Agile mindset to drive change.


Our experienced consultants can assist your organization in all phases of the change life-cyle.

We can and provide guidance in overcoming organizational change hazards.

Organizational change is opportunity.

Let’s begin the sprint to change.

Here are the top questions asked by business leaders like you.

We help you scale strategic change.


What is strategic change?
A strategic change is a high-level plan to improve a company’s competitive position by making targeted shifts in conditions of uncertainty.

New windows of opportunity exist in digital transformations, contemporary business models, mergers and acquisitions, business process re-engineering, and newly designed organizational structures.

What is organizational agility?
Organizational agility is the capability to respond and anticipate to fast changing landscapes.

Fluidly mobilizing resources and operationalizing strategic change serves as a competitive advantage.

What is modern change management?
Modern Change Management Solutions

In rethinking conventional organizational change management practices, companies are shifting to a hybrid approach of managing and embracing change. A new line of attack exists in leadership, team engagement, and inspiring individuals which support embracing change.

Organizations recognize the need to fast-track change and are adopting Agile methodology. The Strategic Change course training integrates Agile methodology into the DRIVE Change Process Model providing a modern change management approach.

What is a management of change process?
Whether an organization is embracing a transformation or implementing a business process improvement, a structured approach to managing change is a business solution. The DRIVE Change Process Model is a highly effective change management process model which provides clear guidance in all phases of the change life cycle.

The DRIVE Change five phases are: develop a clear vision, realize six change strategies, implement and activate change, view change from 360°, and embed the change in the culture. An ecosystem of winning change strategies includes: (1) a change network, (2) organizational readiness, (3) resistance management, (4) strategic communication, (5) knowledge management, and (6) change accountability.

Employee and Management Collaboration
We provide modern change solutions.


What are change management solutions?

The Strategic Change provides change management training, change strategy facilitation and consulting solutions that integrate Agile methodology to fast-track change. We partner with you to customize a solution that meets your needs:
Change Management Foundational Training for Change Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and Human Resource Business Partners (HRBP)
• Change Management Fundamentals Training for Business Relationship Managers (BRM) and IT Sales Professionals
• DRIVE Strategic Communication Workshop
Scaling Organizational Change Capability Workshop
• Change is Everyone’s Job – Accelerating Individual Change Capability Workshop
• Disrupting Business as Usual: A Strategic Plan
• Organizational Change Charter
• Change Management
• Strategic Communication
• Organizational Change Capability

Tell me more about your change management courses.

DRIVE Change Management Foundational Training Course is a highly interactive two-day training which is in alignment to the Association of Change Management Professional (ACMP) standards. Participants are guided through the DRIVE Change Process Model and apply new change management learning to a business challenge in their current workplace, whereby becoming change-ready for tomorrow! The Drive Change Practical Guide provides the tools and resources to begin the sprint for change.

• The DRIVE Strategic Communication Workshop is designed to jumpstart participants the knowledge, skills, and practice to execute a robust communication strategy. The workshop is structured so that participants leave with communication work products to include:

(1) A Strategic Communication Plan to include key components of messaging, pathways, audiences, vehicles, and a communication model;
(2) FAQs that ensure key messaging and transparency;
(3) An Executive Brief using sample templates;
(4) A Stakeholder Update using Change is Coming, InTouch, and Did You Know templates; and,
(5) A Road Show Change PowerPoint.

Tips and tricks will be imparted in designing professional, mobile-friendly communications.

Organizational Change Capability Workshop is designed to provide participants with the foundations in building a change-ready and change capable organization. The workshop sessions include: Change Leader Competency, Change Manager Competency, Individual Change Capability, Organizations Built for Change, and an Agile Culture.

How does a change management consultant help to drive change?

Change is opportunity. We provide clients expertise into implementing new concepts that transform the way in which your organization operates, navigating the complexities of change, and instilling confidence to activate change.

This is our 5-Step DRIVE Change Process Model and key people change strategies.

Business Change Strategies
We integrate an Agile methodology in managing change.


We help you become change-ready. What is a change-ready organization?
A change-ready organization is one that successfully initiates and responds to change in conditions of ambiguity. Typically, organizations that are built to change have people, structure, process, tools, communities and a common language in place to support change.

Guiding questions:
1. What are leader and manager change competencies?
2. How can we accelerate our staff’s individual change capability?
3. Does our structure provide for cross-team collaboration?
4. What are the processes and structures in place that support innovation?
5. What is contributing to communication failure?

We help you leverage key change strategies. What are key change management strategies?
An realizing a change vision, an ecosystem of change strategies serves as engines in the change lifecycle. These strategies are: (1) a change network, (2) organizational readiness, (3) resistance management, (4) strategic communication, (5) knowledge management, and (6) change accountability.
We integrate Agile methodology to fast-track change. Why is Agile methodology integrated into the DRIVE Change Process Model?

Agile methodology supports creating fast, flexible and customer first organizations. By instilling Agile concepts into the DRIVE Change Process Model, change adoption is accelerated through a blended approach of embracing and managing change.

We Help Clients Build Organizational Change Capability

Organizational change capability involves people, structure, process, tools, communities, and Agile culture. Our training solutions include:

Change Leader Competency

Change Manager Competency

Individual Change Capability

Built for Change

An Agile Culture

We Partner With You to Chart a Strategic Change Agenda


What’s disrupting business as usual in your organization?

We help clients create and execute successful Change Agendas to fast-track the people side of change in moving an organization from a current state to a future state.

  • Digital and IT Transformations
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • New Organizational Structures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Let’s create a Change Agenda that pulls people to your North Star.

Change Management and Agility

The Strategic Change is a Business Partner


The Strategic Change is a business partner in helping clients achieve business results faster by providing modern change management solutions. Increasing people leader and individual contributor change competency positions organizations to build for the future.

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Change-ready is the mission

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The Strategic Change is a Business Partner


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