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Lyndal Brookhart
Lyndal Brookhart
The Strategic Change Owner

A Message from Our President

In working with our clients, we understand the new normal means executing change-in-real-time. Now more than ever, it is critical to leverage modern change management strategies that quickly accelerate the pace of change. Based on a change-agile mindset, our DRIVE™ Change Process Model starts with finding a North Star and developing a compelling vision. The very definition of Agile is “the ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment”.

Is there not a better definition of where we are today? We can help you with a change management strategy that pivots your position so that you are not only able to survive during this crisis, but thrive in a world with uncertainty.

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Lyndal Brookhart
The Strategic Change President

What Sets Us Apart?

The inability to simply execute organizational change is a serious challenge. It’s why we are inspired to provide a better approach to managing and embracing organizational transformation. As it turns out, the successful execution of change requires a new way of thinking and a new way of working. So that your business can execute change now and replicate change execution into the future, we’ve engineered change solutions that have new tactics, business agility, and focus on customer-first organizations. Since change is everyone’s job, our solutions are especially designed to build change competency in leaders, managers, supervisors, and individuals.

We help you make change execution happen.

Our DRIVE™ Change Process Model integrates a structured change management approach, new ways of working, and Agile methodology to accelerate the pace of change.
• Our five change training options ensure building change competency for everyone in your organization: DRIVE™ Change Management Foundational Course, Change Management Fundamentals, DRIVE Strategic Communication, Scaling Organizational Change Workshop, and Change is Everyone’s Job.
• Our DRIVE™ Change Practical Tool Guide is an unmatchable resource to leverage winning change strategies such as a change network, strategic communication, organizational readiness, resistance management, knowledge management, and change accountability.

About Lyndal Brookhart

Lyndal Brookhart has a 20-year track record of inspired human resource and organizational effectiveness leadership in agile enterprise environments. She has extensive experience and expertise in organizational transformation, change management, workforce management, and high-performing organizations.

Having led a $6.4 million dollar Enterprise Resource Planning Software Transformation in a governmental organization of 8,000+ employees, Brookhart brings deep experience and expertise in the transformational roadmap from the perspective of an executive sponsor. She is poised to partner with clients in developing a change strategy having consulted in Fortune 1000 and 500 companies. These companies span across telecommunications, finance and banking, technology, government, education, and the staffing industry. A trusted strategy advisor, thought partner, problem solver and a natural builder of relationships…a people person… best describe Lyndal.

Education and Professional Certifications: B.S. Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles; M.A. Administration and Supervision, University of Phoenix; Change Management, PROSCI Institute; Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Alliance; Executive Leadership Coach, Association of Change Management Professionals; The Change Place.


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