The DRIVE Change Process Model fast-tracks organizational change.

How We Approach Organizational Change Management

Corporate Collaboration for Strategic Change

Driving Organizational Change

A Modern Change Management Solution


The DRIVE Change Process Model is a modern, hybrid approach to a change management solution which includes managing and embracing organizational change. Today’s change solutions require a new line of attack in change leadership, team engagement, and inspiring individuals to embrace change.Whether your window of opportunity is a digital transformation, a contemporary business model, business process reengineering, a newly designed organization structure or a merger/acquisition, the DRIVE Change Process Model fast-tracks change by supporting successful end-user adoption with business change solutions.


The DRIVE Change Process Model


The DRIVE Change Process Model:

  • Guides change through a 5-step process model;
  • Leverages six key change strategies; and,
  • Integrates Agile methodology to fast-track change.
  • Uses a structured approach to managing change.
Structured Approach to Managing Change

Start With A Compelling Vision

Corporate Collaboration for Strategic Change

Driving Change Process Model

DRIVE Process Change Model

The first step in leading and managing a change initiative is to identify a North Star and DEVELOP a compelling vision statement that inspires people to achieve a new possibility for the greater good.

The vision statement serves to “pull” rather than “push” stakeholders to a window of opportunity.

We Help You Plan For Change by REALIZING Change Strategies

DRIVE Change Frequently Asked Questions

What is a change network? It is essential to create a change network, engage stakeholders, and enact change influencers (change agents). The change network is selected group of individuals to champion a change initiative. Typical roles include: Governance Board, Sponsors, Leads, Change Influencers or Change Agents, Stakeholders, and Partners.

What is organizational readiness? Prior to implementing a change initiative, assessing organization readiness is critical. Organizational readiness is assessing from two viewpoints:
(1) Systems, structures, and process improvements; and,
(2) People and culture that positively and negatively influence change.
Consideration must be given to multiple change campaigns and organization change saturation.

What is resistance management? Managing and overcoming resistance to change involves early detection, escalation, and mitigation strategies. The adoption of an Agile mindset, to collaborate early and often, not only supports early detection of resistance, but provides for early modification and change optimization. The Strategic Change provides a Resistance Assessment which includes the key sources of resistance: the barriers to change, culture, individual and team resistance, and change saturation.

What is a strategic communications plan? Disrupting business as usual involves communication, frequent collaboration, and trust. A strategic communication plan is designed to provide for robust communications throughout the change life-cycle and includes messaging, a communication model, pathways, vehicles, and audiences. Mechanisms to ensure cross team collaboration as well as fluid customer and stakeholder feedback are essential. The Strategic Change provides strategy consulting to help you execute a strategic communication plan for waterfall-based projects and Agile-based projects.

What is knowledge management? Knowledge management is the intentional practices of sharing and collaborating information, capturing information, and reusing information for innovation. Knowledge management enables change management; it is the core of Agile methodology to collaborate early and often. In scaling change, there is more to consider than end-user training. The Strategic Change provides advisement to capture knowledge, share and disseminate knowledge, train (learning and development), and ensure sustainability and systems.

What is change accountability? Change is everyone’s job; it is the new norm. For change to be managed and embraced, a culture of change accountability must exist. But how? Leaders set expectation, model change capability, provide support for the individual capacity to change, and hold people accountable. The Strategic Change shows you how to begin establishing a change accountable and change-ready culture.

Implement, Activate and Optimize Change

By syncing IMPLEMENTATION and change activation with VIEWing the organization from 360°, customer satisfaction and change optimization are attained.

Often, victory is declared too early in change initiatives. Inspection of success factors, end-user adoption, and culture change provides the critical view required to optimize the impacts of the change. Just as in an Agile journey, the DRIVE Change Process Model compels feedback loops as they are essential.

Consider a “Pull” rather than a “Push”

How can you generate a “Pull” across the organization rather than a “Push” across teams and functions?

Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect and Improve

Alistair Cockburn, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, created the Heart of Agile.

We Help You Embed, Sustain & Scale Change


Sustaining change requires embedding the change into the culture through celebrations, leadership behavior, and human capital systems, and processes.


Let’s take the next step together.


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