Individual Change Capability

Build a Workforce with Change-Capable Individuals

We Help You Build a Workforce with Change-Capable Individuals

Building Individual Change Capability

It’s been said over and over, organizations do not change unless the people in the organization change.

Change must be managed and embraced at both the organizational and individual levels.

We provide “boots on the ground” training to activate individual responsibility and capacity to change.

Instilling people leader, individual contributor, and cross functional teams with increased emotional intelligence to embrace change are engines of transformation.

Building Individual Change Capability Fuels Organizational Agility.

Building Change Leadership Capability

We accelerate your workforce’s capacity to change through a day-long workshop including:

  • The Changing World and Individual Ownership to Change
  • The 4 Guideposts to Individual Change Capability: Awareness, Aspiration, Capability, Support
  • Emotional Intelligence and Mindset for Change
  • The Power in Influencers, Individuals and Interactions
  • Change Accountability Expectations
  • A Call to Individual Change Action

Are you ready to start the sprint for change?

Accelerating Individual Change Capability

Individual change capability is an essential component in managing and embracing successful change. The four accelerating guideposts to fostering individual-change capability are:
Individual Change Capability Management


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